Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Officer:  Janice Bagley


The City of Overton Code Enforcement Division's primary mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens, which shall be accomplished through educating the public and working closely with the Citizens, by enforcement of the City Codes and State Laws.  Through theses efforts it is our ultimate goal to ensure that the City of Overton will be a great and wonderful place for people to live, work and enjoy recreational activities.  The Code Enforcement Division is charged with the duty to ensure the City's ordinances; which have been passed by City Council, will be complied by all citizens. 

The Code Enforcement Division works on a variety of different case types which range from Junked Motor Vehicles, High Grass & Weeds, Building Permit Regulations, Dangerous Structures, Illegal Dumping, Sanitation issues, Zoning Compliance and Hazardous Materials.

If you have any complaints or need to report any violation, you may contact Code Enforcement Officer Janice Bagley by (903) 834-3145.

After the Code Enforcement officer receives the complaint, the CEO will determine the validation of the complaint and will take the necessary action if needed. 

It is everyone's responsibility to comply with the City Ordinances and the City of Overton needs your help and cooperation to make Overton a better place to live, work and recreate.