Email Contacts

For you convenience the following personnel and/or departments may be contacted via email:


City Hall

Clyde Carter - Interim City Manager / Chief of Police

Rachel Gafford - City Secretary, HR Director,                                     Building Permits & Cemetery

Wendy Bates - City Comptroller, Accounts Payable                           & Finance Department

 Paul Everett - Utility Superintendent

 Sharon Stuart - Utility Billing Clerk
 F. Jim White - Overton Fire Department
 Overton Police Dept  
 Clyde Carter - Chief of Police
 Gabriel Wallace - Police Captain
 Janice Bagley - Code Enforcement & Patrol Officer
 Todd Spakes - K9 & Patrol Officer
 Bob Overman - Animal Control & Patrol Officer
 Trey Hinton - Patrol Officer
 J. D. Hollister - Patrol Officer
 Jennifer Jordan - Municipal Court Clerk &                              Telecommunicator
 Renee Hamlet - Telecommunicator
 Angie Stinecipher - Telecommunicator
 Kaylynn Raney - Telecommunicator