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POSTED 12/20/2016
JULY 22, 2016 AND OCTOBER 31, 2016


Texas Commisson

POSTED 12/05/2016: 

OEDC Funded Projects

Authorization of Funding for Projects\


1.  Council Action ORD- 2015-02-19B  Ordering  Election May 2015

2. Election Results  - Link to results page

OEDC Funded projects

Spent to-Date Balance %

Prop #1 - Replace Water and Sewer Lines Downtown  $          280,000
 $            95,730  $     184,270 34%

Prop #2 - Rebuild Intersect Comm St. & Holland St.               280,000
               95,551         184,449 34%

Prop #3 - Lake Overton  Dam Improvements #1              229,000
                 8,741         220,259 4%

Prop #4 - Lake Overton  Spillway Improvements #2              264,000
               22,719         241,281 9%

Prop #5 - WWTP Improvements 

               86,109            38,891 69%

Subtotal           1,178,000
             213,119         964,881 18%

OMDD Funded Projects

Replace Community Center Floor


               10,000                    -   100%

Rusk County

                 2,979                    -   100%

Subtotal                12,979
               12,979                    -   100%

Replace Tables and Chairs in Community Center                  8,000
           7,675.30                 325

Reconstruct- Repave Community Bld Parking Lot


                 8,400            51,600

Rusk County

                       -              35,000

Subtotal                95,000
                 8,400            86,600

Total All Sources 

Spent to-Date Balance

 $      1,293,979
 $         242,173  $  1,051,806

POSTED 11/29/2016:




The City of Overton will hold a public hearing at 5:05 PM on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at City Hall at 1200 S. Commerce St., Overton, Texas regarding the submission of an application to the Texas Department of Agriculture for a Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TXCDBG) grant.  The purpose of this meeting is to allow citizens an opportunity to discuss the citizen participation plan, the development of local housing and community development needs, the amount of TXCDBG funding available, all eligible TXCDBG activities, and the use of past TXCDBG funds.  The City encourages citizens to participate in the development of this TXCDBG application and to make their views known at this public hearing.  Citizens unable to attend this meeting may submit their views and proposals to City Hall.  Persons with disabilities that wish to attend this meeting should contact City Hall to arrange for such assistance.  Individuals who require auxiliary aids or services for this meeting should contact City Hall at least two days before the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.  Los residentes que soliciten información adicional en español o que requieren de un intérprete, por favor póngase en contacto con el Ayuntamiento por lo menos 72 horas antes de la audiencia pública.

For further information, contact Charles Cunningham, City Manager at 903-834-3172.

POSTED 11/23/2016:




The City of Overton is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of the following real property  for the purpose of business development as described in the attached Notice of Bid Opening: The Property commonly known as 210 East Henderson Street, Overton, Rusk County, Texas consisting of approximately 0.261 acres acres of land legally described as Lots 22, 23, 24 and the West 3.3 feet of Lot 21, Block 135, Original Town site, City Of Overton, Rusk County, Texas more particularly described and depicted in Exhibit “A”, attached hereto and incorporated herein. The sale of the Property shall be awarded, at the discretion of the Overton City Council, to the bidder submitting a bid in accordance with the terms outlined below, and providing the best value to the City. Interested parties please click here to download a bid packet, may pick up a bid packet from Overton City Hall; 1200 S. Commerce St. Overton, TX or may contact the City Secretary by phone at 903-834-3172 or email at to request a bid packet.

Bids shall be delivered in writing on the bid proposal form provided in the bid packet, signed by the bidder or an authorized representative, and enclosed in a sealed envelope to the City of Overton, City Secretary, 1200 South Commerce Street, Overton, Texas 75684.  All bids shall be plainly marked “SEALED BID TO PURCHASE REAL PROPERTY.  MINIMUM BID is $500.00.  Bids must be received by 2:59 p.m., December, 13, 2016 to be considered.  City staff will publicly open, read and tabulate the bids at 3:00 p.m. on December 13, 2016, City Council Chambers, City of Overton, 1200 South Commerce Street, Overton, TX 75684.

Bidders may contact the City of Overton, City Secretary at (903) 834-3172 for clarifications and questions

History of Overton

The City of Overton, Texas located both in Rusk and Smith counties.  Overton lies approximately 10 miles south of Kilgore (25 miles south of Longview), 15 miles west of Henderson and 20 miles southeast of Tyler.

The town was named after Major Frank Overton, an early settler and landowner who donated some of his land for the town site. It was platted in 1873 and a post office was granted that year.

Overton was originally intended to be a crossroads for two railroads. In 1875 the Henderson and Overton Branch Railroad, 16 miles long, was completed and was later joined by the International-Great Northern. When the nearby communities of Belleveu, Jamestown, Rocky Mount, and Salem were all bypassed by the railroad, Overton gained the businesses and people who wanted to benefit from the railroad lines. The town offered lots for businesses to relocate and many took the offer.

The Masons and Odd Fellows built the first school and a church was constructed in 1875. By 1888 the population had increased to 500 and had all essential businesses, including a newspaper. Overton prospered as an agricultural community and in 1904 the population had reached 568.

Oklahoman wildcatter C. M. (Dad) Joiner was drilling his third well in 1930 and the town of Overton helped raise the funds he needed to drill. When the well came in Overton, shared in Joiner's success, as churches, schools, and a refinery were built. Hubbard College was founded during this time as well. The town's once agrarian-based economy suddenly revolved entirely around the production of oil.

Overton's population exploded from 426 in 1931 to 3,000 in 1933. By 1936 it was up to 4,500 and the town went through the Great Depression relatively unscathed. But by the end of World War II the population had declined by half - reaching just 2,000 in the 1950s and remaining at that level through the 1970s. In the 1980s Overton was Rusk County's "second city" with a population of 2,430 in 1983. By the 1990s Overton extended into neighboring Smith County.

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